Patterns, patterns, patterns
Images glow upon a screen
Lives connected by tiny dots that are almost unseen
Patterns, patterns, patterns
Running through our lives
As the rain pours down outside
It beads up on the windows
And trickles down slowly

I used to watch the rain on the windows
Of my father's car as he drove me around
I use to wonder at how all the little beads
Seemed to move and drip until they found
Their way to the larger droplets
Which then all fell away
I used to wonder back then
Then we would get there and I went out to play

I used to watch the ants
Milling about on the ground

They moved about so randomly it seemed
Such chaos it seemed that I had found
And then as I gazed at them something seemed to appear
As if there was a pattern I could only just perceive
It played itself out before my eyes but I could not understand

Then I look up at the world
And all the people in it
And if I look long enough
I get that feeling again.