Emily could barely move; her stomach in stress knots. She finally got up and, not looking toward him, slowly made her way to the door, and carefully began moving it to an open position. The door felt like a time bomb in her hands. One creak could wake him up. And he would make her have him inside of her. To her ecstatic reaction, the door opened without a hitch. She quietly went out, closed it, and began running. It was oddly late and dark. The pasture was devoid of fighters or anyone. Almost an eerie calm. She found the graveyard after much blind walking and sat at the gravestone, and put her head in her hands. She could almost not breathe and when she could not stand it anymore, she let out a huge sigh of freedom and began crying.

"Emily?" It was Matt. "Em, hey." He hugged her. "I could tell you were here, don't know how."

"Where's Jonathan?"

"I guess we are waiting for him." Matt started recounting his story.

"So." He said. "What did you do?"

"I, uh . . ." She tried to think. "I just walked around."


"Hey, guys."

"Oh, good." They heard explosions, and Matt cowered over Emily.

"Em, why is your shirt unbuttoned?" He asked, standing up again.

"I snagged it on a fence," she said.

"When we get home," Matt said, lining up in front of her, "tell me the truth." Jonathan pressed the button.

When they landed, the first thing he saw was Jonathan's face. He turned and realized that the first thing Jonathan had seen was Emily. Her shirt and vest were completely torn down the middle.

"Emily." Matt took her hand and sat her on the bed. "This wasn't a fence. This was a person. No lying. Em, what happened?"

She held her shirt together.

"Em, I already know that the story is going to be bad; your shirt and vest were torn at the same time, and only a really strong person could do that to clothes. Modern clothes." Emily then knew that he saw her face. She hadn't looked, but the hits must have drawn blood.

"I was walking. This guy stopped me and wanted me to work. He thought I was a boy. He was looking to see if I was fit for work. Then, he reached for my crotch, and realized I was a girl. Dressed like a boy. And told me to come with him anyway. He put me in front of him on his horse. And then he started kissing my neck a bit into the ride. I tried to get off. He held me on. He told me that I tasted good, not like any of the others in the town. And we got to a house. I told him I wanted to go. He didn't answer. He had me get in there and he looked at me for a bit and then he took off his shirt real quick."

"I'm not going to make you retell the whole story," Matt said. "Did he do more than just touch you?" She nodded. Slowly, she brought her curved left hand up so that the thumb touched two fingers, and extended two fingers from her right hand, and inserted them in the space made by her curved left hand. And Matt now saw her red cheeks and parched eyes.

"Em, I don't . . . barely know what to say."

"You should tell your folks." Emily flashed her head up at Jonathan.

"No. They'll know we took the time machine."

"Emily." Matt said. "Who cares anymore. This guy could have given you an infection."

"It isn't exactly that," Emily said, obviously holding back a sob that had leaked out, ready to rupture. "I don't want to watch the looks on their faces and I don't want to see their reactions."

"Well, I guess right now we are just tired. Need sleep." Jonathan got up, hugged Emily for a while. "Em, you hang in there. Don't be scared anymore; he's in another century." Jonathan left through the front door. Matt went to her pajama drawer and helped her modestly get into her pajamas, like she was 3 years old again. When she was clothed again, Matt hugged her again.

"Matt, could you stay with me tonight? Don't leave me again." Matt nodded. "Okay. Let me get in my pajamas, first." He went to sleep in front of her, her arms around him.

When they woke up, it was 10:00 a.m. Matt and Emily came out together, slowly. They came down the stairs, and saw them in the family room. Their mom, and dad were there. Sitting. And Matt saw a doctor there, and knew that Jonathan had told sometime.

"We were going to tell you this morning," Matt said. Mrs. Cowen, visibly shook up, quickly rushed to her daughter and grabbed her to her.

"Why did you call a private doctor? Matt asked his dad, after coming over to his side.

"A girl gets raped in one of the first time trips ever taken in the history of the world, so on record. What type of publicity do you think that's going to get, Matt? I don't want Emily to have to answer to the entire world on this."

"Hi." Emily was talking to the doctor.

"Hi, Emily. How are you doing?"

"I'm sad."

"I know. I know. Like you don't want to remember any of this."

"Yeah." She looked back at her parents. "Did Jonathan already tell you what happened?"

"He told us that he said everything that he knew." Emily gave a weak smile.

"We'll start with the basics. Do you have any bruises or marks where he hurt you, Emily?"

"Do I have anything on my neck?" He moved her hair. He saw the teeth marks. He slowly took a DNA sample. She told him of his hands in her hair and he removed some hair from where she said his hands had been. He was almost about to cry himself, seeing this little girl raped on a supposedly good adventure. He took samples from her toes from when he had licked her toes and then finally he asked if she had anything from his penis. On her stomach and chest he took samples and then he examined her vagina. It was over in 25 minutes. Afterwards, she said she was going to take a shower.

4 weeks later . . .

Emily ran to third base. She stood there, as if out of breath.

"This hasn't been her best game," Jonathan said.

"Yeah. I mean, even when she played softball for the first time after . . . she was awesome."

Emily threw up all over third base.

2 weeks later, her breasts had grown from barely buds to a B-cup. And, once again, the doctor came, but they by now pretty much knew the prognosis. She was pregnant. But, 3 months into the pregnancy, she miscarried. However, she had contributed to science, had no diseases. But carried the memory with her. And continued to throw up daily, no matter what was done to distract her. It was said by a psychologist that she was purging the abject, but the abject would not leave her. She lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks, and then 20 pounds in a month. Finally, they tried ADD drugs. That worked. And she slowly gained the weight back. But, they could not let her idle for a second. By the time she was almost 12, she could live a virtually normal life.