Writers and readers alike, I present to you my latest story. It is a quaint tale of first and true love, everlasting friendships, and opinionated people

Dedicated to all the hopeless romantics out there.

No More Drama

by Black Butterfli

His name was Luke Coffey. The possessor of my heart since the innocent age of eight. He was a best friend on the side kind of deal, the one who consoled me whenever Shauna mistreated me, the one who stood up for me in times of torment, the one who sent me homemade valentines in the mail every year on the fourteenth day of the second month. I knew it was unfair, that he got the raw end of the deal, because I would never return the favors. But if he could've seen all the pathetic but honest poems and crude but innocent drawings I had done, he wouldn't have looked at me day after day with a sort of pained disappointment in his eyes. Did he love me then?

We were twelve when she entered our lives. Joslyn Marie Clembell. Luke swore it was love at first sight. She was the one. The coming of the Clembells was a long awaited miracle for our small town. Mr. Clembell was an open minded politician. In less than two months, he had a promised position as the new mayor of St. Morning. And in less than two weeks, the promise was fulfilled. Mrs. Clembell, well she was a great actress that was born to be on stage. She created, founded, and directed the high school's drama club. Her talented work had somehow leaked our of the town's borders and the city gained knowledge of the school's plays and musicals. As a result, hundreds of people crowded into the limited theater. Joslyn's sister was a gorgeous angel, her brother a sexy jock and nearly every year they were nominated for the homecoming court. In their senior year, they won both homecoming and prom king and queen.

And as for Miss Joslyn herself, why she won the heart of the sweetest boy in life--my Luke--and that automatically made her my new best friend. Cruel Shauna was immediately cast aside. Jos was nice and caring and all that jazz, but I secretly despised her. One--she was beautiful. Two--she didn't know(nor did she care) how much Luke needed and loved her. And three--he loved her and not me, dammit!

Jos and I were one of the many stereotypes people have conceived over the last twenty some years: For how much beauty one friend has, the other stands opposite in brains. I was a mostly A's student, but I did have certain looks that boys found attractive: big brown eyes, dark red full lips, a tall but curvy body. But my hair was so big and thick and so to avoid keeping up with it, I had it done in braids all the time. No, not the pretty, artistic kind, just plain and simple.

Jos wasn't just a pretty face either. She knew her stuff. It was just that people had already labeled the rest of her family and she just happened to get stuck with the Flawless Beauty title. It was idiotic and it hurt her a lot. I myself was a bit disgusted. It wasn't her fault her mom looked like Marilyn Monroe and her dad resembled a certain Muslim boxer who flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee.

Yet even though it killed me unmercifully to see my love and my girl together, it touched me that they were so happy in love. So that's why when Luke pulled me away from my locker that day, I was frightened. For Jos' sake.

"Ash, I need to talk to you."

"What about?"

"It's Joslyn--"

"Oh god. What happened? Are you two breaking up?"

"No, no." He sighed, his hazel eyes turning a sad brown. "She...she's pregnant, Ash."

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