Shadow would like to point out that she is English so may use different spellings to americans, aswell as some things may have diff meanings. Here's a lil guide:

Boot - Trunk

Summer Holidays (6-7 weeks) - Summer Break (8 weeks)

Year whatever - Grade whatever (though probably totally diff system)

Backpack - Rucksack

Chapter 1 - Stupid Adventure Camp

Ian Brookes stared gloomily out of the car window. His mother had forced him to go to an 'adventure' camp for nearly the whole of the summer holidays. to 'meet some nice new friends' as she put it. He wasn't looking forwards to it one bit. He wasn't afraid, not at all, but he loved solitude. He loved being alone.

"We're nearly there, darling." Mrs Brookes said perkily from the driver's seat, looking at Ian through the rear view mirror. She just got a dark look from blue eyes in return. "I know you don't want to go, honey, but I don't like it when you trap yourself in your room all day. I swear the only time you ever come out is to go to school. And since it's the holidays I feel it's my duty to."

Ian tuned her out. She had said the same thing just over half an hour ago. He ran his fingers through his short black locks and wished once more that his mum hadn't packed his CD player away in the boot. He could do with something to listen to other than the outdated music on the radio and his mother's lectures.

But Mrs Brookes was right about being nearly there. In about 10 minutes they were pulling up to a pretty big building with other children from about 12 to 16. Ian spotted some who looked about his age, 15, and one boy looked right back. He had long pale blonde hair and emerald eyes and had a very slender build, yet was still tall. Ian scowled at him, but the boy just winked and smiled. "Get out, Ian. You can't just stay in there you know." His mother's ever-so perky voice rang and he saw her getting out. He sighed to himself as he clambered out too. He grabbed his black rucksack and small suitcase and followed his mum to join the others.

A tall blonde woman greeted Mrs Brooke and of course his mother asked all the safety questions and if boys and girls slept in the same room. You know, mumsie questions. While his mother was talking, Ian got a good look at the woman. Her blonde hair came to her waist and was streaked with black and purple. Her eyes were a silver/stormy shade of blue and had a sort of evil spark to them. He hoped she wouldn't suddenly turn witchy on everyone, because her clothes sure screamed witch. Everything was black. She wore a flare-y sleeved shirt, pants that looked as if they'd been torn to fit the length of her legs, and boots with buckles up the side. She suddenly turned to face him, and for some odd reason he felt she towered over him, even though he was only about a couple of inches taller than him. She grinned, showing pointy canines like a vampire's. "Sooo, you must be Ian then. I'm Carla, and I shall be one of the leader thingys. Why don't you wait over there and your poor mum can get going."

After saying goodbye to his mother, Ian joined the others, but stayed apart from the group on his own. But he wasn't alone for long. The boy he had scowled at before was soon walking up to him. "Hey, aren't you the boy who was makin' faces at me before?" He asked.

"Yeah. Why?" Ian scowled. The boy shrugged.

"Just wanted to know. And why do you keep on frowning at me?" The blonde leant against the wall beside Ian.

"Habit. Sorry." He unscowled his face and looked at his black boots.

"S'okay. My name's Malik by the way. Malik Stryker." The blonde held out his hand and Ian turned to take it.

"Ian Brookes." The blue-eyed boy introduced.

"Man you don't say much. I take it you're the quiet brooding type." Malik got a nod for an answer. "Cool."

"Okay kiddos!" Ian looked up as Carla yelled for everyone's attention. "Welcome to Sailor Dragon's Adventure Holiday! Rubbish name, I know, and I also know that most of the older kids will have been dragged here by their parents," There were a few whispers of agreement, "But we ain't that bad. well at least I'm not." A few stiffled laughs. "My name's Carla. The dude with spikey hair over there is my pal Seth." Most of the girls whispered amonst themselve about how gorgeous he was. And in truth he was. He had red- brown hair spiked up with gel and amber eyes that were nearly gold. His clothes didn't do much for him, though, because they obviously hid he masculine form. "And of course over that-a-way is Yuki and Yugi. Those two are twins but don't you dare get them mixed up, otherwise you will feel their wrath. And I feel it about 5 times a day. Ouch." More stiffled laughs could be heard. Yuki and Yugi did look alike. Both had shoulder length red streaked black hair and sky blue eyes, were around 5 foot 7 and wore the same jeans and t-shirt. The olny difference would be that Yuki was a girl. Ian could tell that this trip wasn't going to be as boring as he thought. "Now when I call out your name, go stand over by Seth-y cause he'll be your group leader. He'll tell you folks what to do, where to go, yada yada yada. Soooo, Emily Anderson, over with Seth." An excited brunette girl practically ran over to Seth, and Carla continued down the list.

. C . A . M . P .

In the end there was just Ian, Malik, two other boys and three girls. They were all in Carla's group. "Okay then. I should have here Ian Brookes, Malik Stryker, Travis Taylor, Wesley Bond, Saffron Crystals, Gemma Miller and Felicity Ca. Char. il. damn how do you say it?"

"Charila (Ka-ril-ah), Miss." A girl with (obviously) dyed white hair said. She only looked about 12.

"No need for formalities, cause I'm the queen of the informal. Just call me Carla." Carla waved a hand in dissmissal. "Now do I have everyone I read out?" She received a murmer of yes's. "Okay-doke. Follow me." The goth lead them into the building and down some corridors before they arrived outside again. Standing infront of them was four buildings, each painted a different colour, which was either cream, white, grey or brown. Not exciting colours but plain enough for buildings. Carla lead them into the grey one. Inside was a sort of common room. There was a fire, three sofas, two two-seaters and a chair and pouffe. There was also a coffee table with a vase of red roses and white lillies in it. Everything was furnished in various shades of red, yet there was no pink.

"This is sooo cool!" The girl called Saffron exclaimed and plonked herself on one of the sofas. She bounced up and down slightly. "Oooo, comfy!"

"Well, you all might as well sit down." The group did as they were told and Carla remained standing. She suddenly turned serious. "There are a few rules here, I'm afraid, and they must be followed or else there will be punishment." She let them ponder about what the punishment was before continuing. "Lights out at eleven at the latest. No loud music past ten. You MUST be out of bed by nine, or I'll start bringing ice water and believe me, I mean it. Read the board over there to know what you are doing and when you are doing it. And dinner will be ready in about two hours so get unpacked and settled in. Girls, your room is just to your left. Boys, yours is upstairs." Carla suddenly took a deep breath. "Okay, now I know how a flight atendent feels. Soooo, any questions?"

"What are we doing today?" A brown haired boy asked.

"Well, Travis. I think you're just going to unpack and settle in. We don't have anything plaenned so get to know each other." The woman shrugged. "Any more?" No one said anything. "Goodie. I'll be in the building straight across from here if you need anything, and a map of the place is on the board with the schedual thingy, just in case you want to go wander. Buh- bye." And they were left on their own.

"Um. I guess we should get to know each other first, then." Saffron said, running her fingers through her long blue tipped blonde hair.

"Seems the right thing." Wesley, a red haired boy who looked older than the rest, agreed. "Well, my name's Wesley, I'm 16, in my last year of high school, I own a moped and I like videos games and Linkin Park. There that's me done." And he sat back and glanced at everyone.

"Name's Travis, I'm also 16 and in my last year at high school. I like watching anime and taking joy rides on Wesley's moped and Wesley here is my boyfriend." Now everyone looked at Travis funny. "What?! I'm serious!" When they looked at Wesley, he nodded.

"You're all okay with that, right?" The red head asked. Malik laughed a little.

"I'm perfectly fine with it, though if my parent found out I was sharing a room with a gay guy, she'd drag me outta here in a snap." He laughed again. Ian just shrugged, but they could tell he was okay with it.

"What about you girls?" Travis asked. The two youngest looking looked a little unnerved but Saffron was all sparkly eyed.

"Really? That is sooo cool! I just love yaoi and shounen-ai and all that stuff! And now I actually know a gay couple! Yay!" So Saffron was definatly all right with it.

Felicity was the first to speak out of the last two. "I've never met any gays so I can't really say what I think. But I still think you two are just as normal as the rest of us." Gemma nodded so much her ginger hair flew up and down.

"Well, Saffron, you next." Wesley encouraged. Saffron coughed into her hand a little.

"My name is Saffron Ruby Elizabeth Crystals and I am 14 years old and I'm in Year 9 at school. I love anime, yaoi, shounen-ai and I kinda like hentai and lemons, but not too much. I have three cats at home called Sugar, Spice, and Twizzles and. and that's about it." She finished lamely.

"My name's Gemma. I'm 12 and I like strawberries, Sailor Moon, and the colours pink and lilac." Gemma said a little shyly.

"Name's Malik. I'm part Egyptian, part English, part American and part Japanese. Though I don't think all parts are equal." Malik looked thoughtful for a moment. "Anyways, I'm 15 and I like rollerblading, surfing the net and goth, rock and punk music. I kinda like rap aswell."

"I'm Felicity. I'm 13, though I'm small for my age, and I like cats, snow, ice cream and the colour white." Felicity smiled a little. Then everyone looked at Ian, who had his arms folded in a chair be himself.

He sighed. "Name's Ian. I'm 15, like rock, goth and trance music, dark colours and blood." Well, that was short.

Malik clapped his hands together. "Now that we've got that sorted, let's get unpacked." He grabbed his stuff then charged up the stairs, Travis and Wesley following, and Ian slowly following those two.

. C . A . M . P .

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