You                                                                        I

              Make me smile                                                     Always will care

           Every time I see you                                             Please always be there

         Because I really love you                                      Because I can't live alone

      And I think about you always                              And I want you to care for me

     You rock my world, my forever                         The way that I care and love you so

    I'll love you 'till the day that I die                      Love me forever, and I'll return it all

   So I wrote this poem shaped like a heart         For you to give it right back to my heart

  To show that I loved you right from the start.      I'm lame as a doorknob for writing this

   So just to prove I'm pathetically in love with you…or to entertain my annoying friends

    Here's a poem to prove I'll love you 'till the very, very, very end of all our joyful times

      I'm so pathetically in love with you, that I actually formatted this letter in this shape

        A corny representation of my heart, my soul, and my mind, which makes the weak

          And the romantically cynical want to vomit up their breakfast and throw an ax

            But I don't care what anyone does to me, because they can't take you away

              Because you're my life, my dream, my everything, my lover, my friend

                 And I never want our corny love lives to tragically come to an end

                    Because this isn't Shakespeare's time, the time is only ours now

                       Be safe in my dreams, in the organ this letter represents to me

                           Now that I've given you this lopsided romantic poetry

                              I hope you'll take it as a token of my infatuation

                                 Because I'll always love you no matter what

                                   Even when you grow old and really boring

                                      Because love pulls through all of that

                                         So my point, my love, is simple

                                            I need you to love me back

                                              Tell me you love me too

                                                  And I'll return it all

                                                    Please return it

                                                      Your love,