when the nails come off in chips
-I know
when the blood trickles slowly down
-I know
when the decibels drop into negatives
-I know

dipping into the lines between our worlds
you build yourself like a faltering bridge
spanning the distance over turbulent waters
and my flesh floats on the waves
lapping into your arches where I break

//you make peace with your swords
and spread venom with your words//

the scenery turns red with my delusions
my skin feels raw at my conclusions
to the pit I crumble slowly from your allusions
don't pretend you don't smile with wolf teeth
every time you look down and see
me faltering as it comes to be
baby we both can't hide it has come to show
that at the end of the line
-I know

you wear your laughter behind a veil
I try it on for a borrowed shield
but in my mind I always undress
and try to argue what you digress

//you make peace with your swords
and spread venom with your words//

your eyes never see straight, always do wander
kept me and my mother asunder
in your Creation, biased elation
you made him an angel and named me a shrub
but my wounds scab, I've grown immune to you drugs
girls are more than just ample bushes
it takes fire from the inside when the seedling pushes
so I pluck it branch by branch out of the ground
get out of my way, your shade I denounce

if my garter spreads crimson over town
my Lady will keep me safe and sound
Lord I feel your deviant gaze
but know your lies they cannot faze
your despotic ways they bring no haze
I felt her fire in my face
-I know