Gossamer Angel

In my eyes you were the world
A sparkling jewel
A secret well kept
All I seemed to live for revealed
The charming prince of my childhood dreams
But I'am older now
And I can see through you
I unplug you're halo
Strip off your plastic wings
Remove your white robe
To see the stains beneath
I trash you and throw you away

I've grown older now
All my toys have been put away
All the dreams crushed by reality
And all that's left was you , and me
Pure untouched well guarded by your lies
You a demon hiding behind those eyes
Bright and open blue as morning sky
Holding promises of everything
Id ever wanted to keep my eyes dry
And now I see through you
You're so pale and weak beneath
I cant believe I looked up to you
But those lies were just too sweet
The ballet lessons
The pony rides
The Disney trips
And apple pies
The camping trips
The long rides home
The afternoons
just us alone
priceless moments
full of guilt
hiding the truth beneath the gilt
those sweet sweet smiles
that last for miles
all to keep the pain inside

you lied to me you rot my teeth
you held me tight beneath those sheets
you said my name rocked me to sleep
and promised god my soul to keep
you lay me there all secure in your warmth
knowing that someday
your lap would be to small
your arms to frail to hold me tight
id be to big to kiss goodnight
you spoiled me there beneath that smile
gossamer angel ,father of mine