Hearing the silence in the non existent crowd,
Seeing the burst of light at the end of the endless tunnel.
I wonder, wonder, wonder
How many of my dreams are never meant to be?
How long until the pendulum stops its constant swing?

Watching the dripping of the cooling rain,
The splash of the puddles children step in.
I wonder, wonder, wonder
Who sees the rainbow at the end of the storm?
Who looks beyond the rain?

Embracing the notes of life's symphony,
Singing my own silent ballad.
I wonder, wonder, wonder
Can you see the beauty of the singer?
Can you see the emotions locked within?

Spewing out words from the heart,
Twisting them to my will.
I wonder, wonder, wonder
Where would you put the words I say?
Do you hear what you want, or what I said?

Following the light in the dark,
Leading the troubled home,
I wonder, wonder, wonder
Who chooses to dwell within the dark?
Who wants out, but can't find the way?