The darkness comes
To save your soul
The evil comes
To take control
Now that I've found you
I can love you more

Your mournful heart
Will grow dark and black
And will get torn apart
Your cries are soundless
And will disappear
The rain will pour down
And your happiness,
Will get washed away

Your pain is here to stay
Your mind is mine to steal away
Your body will be sound asleep
Bloody tears you shall weep
Take this knife and carve away
You'll never see the light of day
Your body is mine to sell
Bound in chains,
And locked in hell

Can't you hear the song of death?
Go ahead and sing along
For it won't be long,
Before you're gone
The dead are waiting for you
It's time for you to go to,
Where you belong
You can be Satan's little whore
No one will love you anymore

Go ahead make yourself bleed
No one will hear your pitiful plea
Undying pain is all you'll feel
Virginity taken,
By the edge of a knife
As your life slowly passes you by
Your breathing slows down
Afraid to close your eyes
Afraid you'll be gone by tonight

Your destination will not be heaven
You won't be returned to salvation
Now slit your wrists and cry away
Don't start begging to stay, it's over
There's nowhere to run
There's nowhere to hide
So just surrender from the fight
Give yourself to me
You'll never see the light again

Your bed will be your coffin
Now drift off to sleep, don't awake
And you slowly fade away to black
Sink into the thoughts
Which were once in your mind
Where you try hiding for all eternity
And slowly die