Transparent Rainbow

This is me


and white

color filled.

Everybody loved me when I was silent


and loose underneath my transparent rainbow

but now

I'm not so sure.

Words have spilled from my lips like wine


and waste

these past days.

I was a transparent rainbow

restrained by a hand who hit me

restrained by a mouth that bit me

restrained by a group which stifled me.

I'm told that people have been waiting

for me to make this speech,

to hear me

I don't know

or to just have their turn after mine

and talk themselves.

Such things are the ways of this place

this house of revelation

and retribution

where we,

all of us

come to bare our souls

our words

our verses

unchained animals

and freed fingers

meant only to write it down.

I am a transparent rainbow

my colors soft

and magical.

I take my place,


I'm late

and winter is coming.

Their is a hush

a slight burst of sunrise as my lips part

and I smile.

I am free tonight

and no one can take that away from me.

Winter is coming


but it is not here yet.

I am no longer crawling across this surface

I am standing

and this

my new way

my new voice

my transparent rainbow

are visible tonight.