Setting: Present Day, LCMR School Bus-Lane [Front] Main Characters: Sean and Jared Other Important Characters: Dylan, Brendan, Auna, and Bryan

It was the last day of the school year, and the students were rejoicing. Down the halls shouts could be heard, joy and happiness, everyone was excited and particularly chipper on this day; except for one boy. Gritting his teeth as his eye twitched incessantly, one of his best friends, a rather-skinny and pale boy named Dylan tried his hardest to pull him away from his stance, but Sean, Sean was just too determined. His body felt powered, he felt enraged, he could feel the adrenaline rushing through his body like a river, he could feel every beat his heart made, THUMP-PAUSE- THUMP-PAUSE and every little sound he heard, drove him closer to the brink of insanity. What was the source of all this rage? Of all this, pent up and restricted anger? The glaring eyes of a jealous boyfriend, Jared, extraordinarily angry for his personality, ready to spout off fifty more curses at Sean for trying to have Auna cheat on him. But Sean laughed in response at first, until Jared appeared more serious, than Sean's heart skipped a beat as he saw Auna take Jared's side, and he knew he couldn't hold it in any longer.

Time seemed to stop as students formed a massive blockade at the main door, making sure no teacher would stop the rage Sean contained. They were eager for an un-restrained fight, because this year was a rather boring one, yielding not one decent fight, and now...they had their entertainment. Sean glared into Jared's eyes, he dared not look at Auna's, for if he did, they would bore holes through his soul and his power would be lost, he didn't train night and day for his health.he did it so that when a time like this came, he could rip Jared apart like a stuffed animal. Dylan knew this would happen, as soon as he saw Jared step out of the car, he tried to pull Sean into the school, trying anything to keep him away; promises of cookies, of small fluffy animals he could set on fire, anything at all to get him away, but it was too late, far too late and not even the mass of Gregor and Salfi combined could stop him now.

His mind raced, thoughts of the times when Auna had kissed him so softly, with such amazing passion that you could of thought they were married. Times when he watched her sleep, the pale moonlight shining down on her delicate skin, her precious and beautiful skin, oh how the thoughts pained him so. His heart beat faster, it began to race, and he couldn't stop it, he tried to hold it down, but it came. Blood splattered onto the ground as Sean bent over, smearing his lips and the first initial of the school, imprinted on the ground, now with Sean's blood as well. Dylan's eyes widened, "H-holy...s-s-hit." he muttered, and began to back up, "Brendan.we have got to stop him!" Brendan looked at Dylan as if he was in a straightjacket, being carried off by men in white suits and managed to choke out a response, "HELL NO!" Dylan knew he couldn't stop Sean now, even with all his power, Sean wouldn't be able to be stopped. Death came in many forms this day.

Sean continued to lean over, as if he was trying to touch his toes, his arms hung lifelessly at his sides as he took deep breaths, almost trying to calm down. But as Jared sneered a soft chuckle, thinking Sean had given up, he threw his head back, bending his back in unison, his arms stretching outwards and than bending as if he was holding something up and a blood- curdling scream came from him. No one knew what he said, but it was clear by the failing blood from his mouth, that he meant business, and oh, oh how he meant it now. With fists clenched so tightly, his nails dug into his palms and they bled, with a completely black mind, and eyes aflame...Sean advanced Jared with incomprehensible speed no one had ever witnessed before.

It didn't take long for the first blow to strike, Sean's claw-like left- hand swung vertically down Jared's chest, slicing open his shirt and a long, thick scar along his chest. Blood poured from the ravine of flesh, and flowed down his upper-body like a waterfall, staining what was left of his shirt and his pants as well. He had no time to even scream before the second blow came, Sean's right hand came flying like his left, but opposite of the slice last. Criss-crossing with the first strike, Sean's claw-like nails dug deeper into his flesh, and tore the bloody tissue, flinging it about the air and into fellow students. They screamed as much as Jared did, blood swallowing up his lower-half now, drowning the second initial of the school in a pool of blood. But Sean.was not finished yet.

Auna cried and screamed, pleading for someone, or something, God or otherwise to stop Sean, to stop his psychotic antics, but it was far too late for this, not even God himself could stop Sean in his tracks. As Sean's second blow finished and tattered remains of a shirt flew, scattered in the air, he made a long-spin on his right foot and came across with a third slice, but this time to Jared's face. His claws dug deep into Jared's cheek, and with a terrified cry for mercy, for forgiveness, for him to just stop, there was no left cheek on his face any longer. The huge chunk of flesh tore off like a stuff-bear's arm and was hurled into the sky, directly through the vice principal, Mr. Shiffbauer, his office and into the back of his head. Pleas for this fight to end, pleas for the insanity to stop rang through Sean's ears, and right back out, he was too obsessed with revenge to care for anyone right now.even Auna.

Jared's body arched as Sean's knee thrusted itself into his groin, and an uppercut sent him sailing backwards, his head smashing against the edge of a bench, shattering it to make a head-shaped hole. Thinking the lunacy was over, Auna ran to Jared, but Sean cut her off, latterly, running directly in front of her and slicing her in an uppercut, sending her into a bush before returning his attention to Jared. Sean approached Jared's tattered body, and leaned down towards his arm, which laid out perfectly for him, and than.everyone saw Sean for what he really was, a rabid wolf. His fang- like canine teeth dug into Jared's arm with a pain so brutal, Jared's entire body was sent into paralysis, and he could only sit by and watch Sean rip piece by piece of his arm apart with his teeth, his teeth!

Bloody faced, Sean leaned forward and kissed Jared's cheek. That's when they knew it was over. Sean's left hand came to rest on Jared's throat, and he lifted the boy effortlessly into the air; this is where Bryan's special training came in. Sean concentrated, as much as he could with the little control he had over his body, on his hand. He focused his energy into generating within his hand, generating around his hand, pulling the same energy away from the surrounding life, from the plants and from the mass of students. His hand caught aflame instantly as he heard Auna call out his name, and as the massive flame grew larger and burned off his sleeve, he dropped Jared in the air. Sean pulled back, like a pitcher about to throw the winning strike, and his right fist flew forward, directly into Jared's stomach.

The flame erupted forth, tripling the intensity of the punch, and causing an explosion to ensnare Jared's entire body in a flame of death, sending him soaring over the plants and over the students, into a sidewall. The wall buckled, and shifted for the force, and Jared was encased within. The explosion had blown Sean backwards, burning nearly his entire body as well, but not quite as severely as Jared's, and although he was in extensive pain.he held a smile over his face, because he knew, he could feel it, but he couldn't hear it. No longer did it beat for Auna, and no longer would it beat life for Jared.