Setting: Present Day, LCMR School [Outside Gym-Cafeteria Space] Main Characters: Sean and Mike (Salfi) Other Important Characters: Auna and Dylan

"Spar? You could call it that. Fight? You could also call it that. Massacre and utter annihilation of one person? Okay, enough synonyms. It wasn't my fault that fat idiot decided to challenge me, ME! I mean, honestly, Auna trained me, and even Salfi is afraid of her. The stupid fat bastard, I never liked him either." Sean shut up for a few moments in his web log entry, and paused to reminisce about the event that happened earlier that day...

It had started off as a normal school day, and went on to be one, and like normal, after-school, he and his friends Auna, Dylan, and Mike Gregor sat outside of the school gym and waited for the after-school bus. Occasionally a certain guy, one that Sean could not stand for reasons of which he never would reveal (stuff that involved Auna), and sometimes a guy named Mike Salfi would show up, and even sometimes spar with Auna. But today was different, today Salfi crossed the line. Salfi showed up, and he began to spar with Auna. The two exchanged slight blows, as normal, and than, Salfi abruptly punched Auna straight across the face and sent her down. Her lip bled and her nose as well, and a bruise began to form on her cheek. Needlessly to say, Sean wasn't grinning anymore.

"Hey, since Auna's apparently out, how 'bout sparring with me Salfi?" Sean said, exaggerating the end of his last name, making it sound like Salf-eye, and pissing Mike off a little. Salfi shrugged and waved his hand to call Sean over to his spot, little did he know, he just invited death to his company. The two exchanged glances, and each went into their own respective fighting pose, but as they began to circle around, Sean switched, and went into a pose almost identical to Auna's. "What are you doing Papaya?" Salfi questioned him, as Sean remained in the pose. "Ever hear of the Moon Rush technique, fat-ass?"

Insulted, Salfi rushed Sean, a costly mistake, because as he leapt and went to kick Sean, a chop sent his leg and foot directly into the ground, twisting his ankle and allowing a second chop bend his neck backwards. Following up on the first chop, Sean smashed his palm into Salfi's chest, pushing him and his massive weight up onto his weak legs. CRUNCH, CRUNCH went his arms, as Sean's chops collided with his bones, splitting them from the marrow and sending a crack down the center. Salfi howled in pain, but Sean merely grabbed his right-arm and swung it over his shoulders, pulling it high in the air and then smashing it down over his shoulder, instantly shattering almost all the bones.

Salfi fell to the ground, moaning and writhing in pain, but Sean was not done. From his pocket, he removed a metallic object, and waved it at Dylan, "HEY, THAT'S MY KNIFE.oh well." And he went back to watching Sean perform his needed task on the bastard. A crimson geyser formed from Salfi's calf muscle as the bladed silver carved holes in the fragile muscle tissue.tissue that could never be reformed, or surgically healed. And with a finally foot-to-head, Salfi went out like a light.a light shot with a bazooka at least.

In his arms, Sean carried Auna to nurse, whom was getting ready to leave, but could make room in her schedule for some ice for the beautiful maiden. However, Gregor stood, watching guard over the bloodied and half-dead body of Salfi, wondering why on Earth, his body looked like a crescent moon as he laid on the ground.