A/N: I'm sorry if this story will offend anyone's feelings. I'm sorry if anyone here feels that this story is very untrue and whatnot. It doesn't show my political beliefs, and I do not care to let people know. Those who know me know how I stand on things. Do not read this if you are easily offended. I thank you anyway if you do even take the time to read this. ^^

// Heinrich

Alana layed in her small bunk thinking things over. It had been 8 days since her train cart pulled up to this concentration camp. She didn't even know what the name of the camp was. All she knew is that she was here and she wanted to be out of here. Maybe she wanted to be out of here more than everybody else. Maybe after time she'd get used to it enough to beable to stand it and not think about wanting out every minute of the day and every hour of the night. The labor was intense on her. She was only 16. Delicate, fragile, sensitive. This was all new to her.

She looked around at everybody else who was still sleeping. Alana had awoken earlier than everyone else in her group. She stood alone. Not only in this way, but in many ways. Before she had been forced onto a train, she liked to be more of a loner than join a group of people. It's not that she was anti-social, she just had better things to do than go socialize. She was one who liked to draw, write, and read as opposed to go out for some tea at someone's house.

Within minutes, a female guard opened their unit door and stomped her feet. "Get up, and get outside. Bread and soup. Get it while it's.... cold." She then rang a heavy cowbell and walked out. "And this is when Hell begins all over again," thought Alana as she lifted herself off of the dry crispy thin sheets under which she slept. A German half Jewish girl, stuck deweeding dirt. Something she hadn't looked forward to doing.

The female officer came up to their line that they had formed outside their barracks. She looked over all the girls and made sure they were in a good enough condition to work. Luckily for them, they all passed. Alana let out a sigh of relief. Even though she was fine enough to work, she knew that the officer's would pick out anyone who looked even just a little unwell. Instead of sending the girls right out to work, the officer stood in front of them.

"Tomorrow you girls have a fine surprise. One of you is going to be picked to help the officer over there upkeep his house." She pointed over some barbed wire at a lean pale man with a deadly glare and an arrogent smirk who was looking in on them. He was eyeing a few of them. Then with a drawl she said, "I'll be ever so dissapointed to see one of you darlings leave me." She went up to the last girl in the line and with her finger under her chin looked her right in the eyes and slowly said, "so, so dissapointed," before slapping that girl's hand with her riding crop. "Now. Go get to work. Now!"

Everybody scattered off into the fields as if being chased by wild horses. Alana took her place next to her only friend she made so far, Katrina, Kat for short. Kat was a year and a half older. She was a pretty, tall, Polish Jew from the German border. She was sensible, smart, spoke 3 languages and very clever. Once Alana had gotten next to her they spoke very quietly as to not draw attention to themselves.

"What do you think of that man?" asked Kat.

Alana's mind was clicking. "A lot of things. I'd rather not leave here in a way; I'd miss our conversations. Not only that, but the fact of living in the same house as him. It's just disturbing. I'd rather work in the fields for 5 years instead of work for some Nazi."

"We already work for Nazis," stated Kat. "Anyway, I think that it'd be wonderful working in a warm house! Think about it, a warm place to sleep, housework, and it's just a better living condition. So you're stuck living with a Nazi. He's out most of the day observing the camp. The only time he'll be home is to eat and sleep. I don't think it's that bad, honestly."

Alana shrugged, but didn't reply seeing as Frau Rache, the female officer, was walking near them, observing the work. Both girls carried on as if they had been all along. They went unnoticed. Everytime a guard was near Alana she grew very nervous. For obvious reasons. It was a fear of her's that one day one of them would just pick her out and have her shot.

By the end of the night when all was said and done most of the people were sleeping. Kat always fell asleep quickly. Besides that, she was on the opposite side of the bunk, and after working all day, you didn't want to walk anymore than you already had. Alana stared up at the bunk above her before drifting into a dream of better times when she was free to run in the warm summer weather down to the creek and dive in for a nice swim. Alas, those were just memories now.