A/N:  This was written after I found out about a dear, sweet new friend of mine, and what her now ex girlfriend was doing to her.  Please be kind; as this is a special poem, with a lot of meaning to it.  Also, it deals with a delicate subject- so if you're not one for reading about serious things; then please read another poem of ours.  I only want serious feedback from people; as this is a serious issue.  Thanks, and enjoy.

DISCLAIMER:  This poem is my own.  Please be kind; and please do not take any of it.  Rated 'R' for some profanity; and references to death; and violence.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ 

Lying cold, and weak on the floor

You cry out for it to stop

But she only gives you more

Tears run down your angelic face

Another smack ending

The eerie silence in this place

Your sweet voice is now taken

By the force of spitting blood

It pools out all around you

In a sickened, crimson flood

I wished I had known sooner, darling

Of this evil, heartless bitch

Then I could have saved you from

All the years that darkness from her stitched

She was finally caught today

Placed in eternal pain by me

I laughed and watched as she fell with a cry

The vow that you are free

I locked her up in a place of her own

No light will she ever find

Eternally, she is left to feel the pain she has caused

My own, dark-magic bind

I am not the Lynette you know, sweet Celina

I am so much more than she

But, for now I cannot reveal myself

Someday, I will let you see

Tonight I will go back to check

Up on her endless fate

One click from a gun

Or stab from a knife

No longer will she breed hate

I watch you as you sleep, sweet angel

The tears still damn on your cheeks

I reach out to brush a lock of pink from your face

But, yet I do not speak

I don't wish to wake you, dear one

For now, you need to rest

And I must go and finish my job

Place my powers to the test

You see, she fed you full of bullshit, love

Said you weren't worth the time

You are worth much more than you know, Celina

It seeks beyond reason and rhyme

So many grow to love you

Even in the 3 hours that you've been here

I cannot do much to soothe you, love

Except vow to hold you near

You are in my heart now, sweet one

No longer must you cry

I promise to do everything I can

To make sure this is not goodbye

See, she hurt you pretty badly

And that just takes the cake

No one deserves such a cruel one for a love

Nor a dark, and abusive fate

So, rest assured that I am here

I won't ever go away

I'm here to take care, and watch over you now

Until your dying day

Let the night winds heal you

Let your dreams at last be sweet

For tomorrow brings another day

And the chance for us to finally meet

~*~For Celina~*~