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~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ 

I was a mystery; a child of the dark, as some people called me.  Most who saw me, would turn away, and run in fear.  I guess I didn't blame them.  I mean, my powers were of the 'dark arts,' as they called it; and my job was centered around the very element that had been my life:  darkness. 

And that, dear reader; is why most of the time- I stayed in the shadows.  Away from those that would want to shun me.  And all because of my background, and job. 

I hated that.  I hated that so much.  And, it wasn't like I could make any friends- because just like all the rest; they would up and leave me once they found out about me.

I learned that one from my ex girlfriend.  Let's just say: My choice of careers drove her away.  Yes, we're still friends.  And actually; she had just started dating this really great girl recently; but, for the most part- not many chose to be around me. 

I guess, in a way; I was scary.  With my all-black attire; black eyeliner; black mascara; blood red lipstick; black nails; and sea foam green eye shadow.  Yeah.  I guess I could see why so many turned away from me.  But, still, I had to admit- It stung.

They didn't even have to speak; as I saw it in their eyes.  And the mothers of little children were the worst.  They would always say something like, "Stay away from that gothic punk, Billy.  She's bad news."

Yeah.  Welcome to my life, peeps.

So, mostly, I stayed in the dark; the night the only time I could really emerge from the shadows, and 'come alive.'  And I would come alive as well.  I spent most of my time wandering the streets.  A soldier of the blacktop, almost.  Just…wandering…without any place to go.  Without any place to be, really.

This caused me to not have many friends.  Oh, sure, I had my parents; but, they were living their own lives together now; as were most of my other friends. I only kept a few of them; as well; after being shunned for who I was; it kind of killed my want to hang out with lots of people.

You guys remember that show, the 'X-Files,' right?  Of course you do.  You all remember the motto, right?  'Trust no one?' 

Exactly.  Me in a nutshell. 

And, after my ex and I broke up- well, that only increased the vow.

I guess I should tell you my name, right?  Well; as of now; I don't know many of the souls here very well.  So, while we're sitting here; and while you're probably wanting to know who I am:  Just call me…Lynette.  For the moment, anyway.

Don't ask why I chose that one; as well; little maiden of the dark arts, here.  I know you'd think I'd choose something less light.  Mortisha, Mordred, Willow, Verona.  But, nope.  I even amazed myself.  I liked Lynette.  Cute, subtle, and tricky.  I mean, not many would suspect a lady name Lynette to be a dark spirit, yes?  Exactly.

Well; I should correct myself.  I'm actually a Shadow Ghost.  A race given to me by my parents.  Although, only one of them was dark.  My dad was light; so, you all can guess which one was the dark half.  Yep.  You guessed it:  My mom.

But, I was down with that.  I mean, after all; dark and light did attract, right?  Right.  So, it made them, all in all, the perfect match.  To which I thought was so sweet.  And, after hearing about all that they went through to be together- well- that made me respect them even more.

 Hey, just cause I'm dark, doesn't mean I can't have a heart, right?  Right.

I come from a rather interesting family.  My mom was once as I am now; as mentioned earlier; and my dad was the highlight of her life.  Before she met him; she was a lost soul.  A broken spirit without reason.  A light being ripped to shreds by the scars, and heartaches that life often gave to mortal souls.

That's right; she was once a mortal.  And ironically, she used to run where I am now. 

What is it, you ask?  Well, I'll just say that it's a vessel.  One that needs constant TLC; and spirits like us to make sure it stays alive, and well.  And before my mom married my dad; she was the boss, you could say.

Now, my dad was another story.  He also had a 'business' to run; but when he and my mother were finally able to be together after a year of distance; he left that business to a good friend of his, and took off.  I consider his best friend, as well; a member of my family.

It was like what the mob always spoke of:  Family doesn't turn their back on each other.

And you know what, guys?  It was true.  It really, really was.

Anyone hurt anyone I loved, or called a friend- and I hurt them.  A selective few had found that out the hard way.  Hey, it's not like I was violent, or anything.  I just- protected the ones I loved to a great extent.  I'd die for them, even.  That's not a bad thing, is it?

I didn't think so.

To this very day, I'm not sure what brought me here.  What higher force pulled me out from the shadows of my blacktopped kingdom; but I knew I had a purpose here; and I knew I had to fulfill it. 

And, little did I know- that purpose was about to be revealed…

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