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The cottage door opened, as a woman in magenta stepped in.

A pink-haired figure turned with shock, "Rachel!"

"Christina!" a voice shouted back.

"Krystal, you told me that Rachel was-"

"Silence!" Another spoke in response; knocking the figure onto the hardwood floor; a lone sigh of pain emitting from it's pale, pink lips.

…Wh- what's happening…?

The woman growled, "That's enough, Krystal!" it ordered; whipping out a single, silver staff.

The figure known as 'Krystal,' grinned, "Poor little street mouse. First you lose your business; and now you lose your girlfriend," it stated with an evil laugh.

"You won't come out of this in victory. Now, get away from my girl!" Rachel demanded; fire flashing in her garnet eyes.

Krystal smiled deviously, "Afraid I can't do that, partner. I'm very much fancying the one in which you speak of as your girl."

…K-Krystal? Krystal, where am I?…

"You're not my partner; you spineless traitor!" Rachel shot back.

"Maybe so. But, now I've got your very heart at ransom. Not to mention; your business is running splendidly. Oh, wait. I'm sorry. My business," Krystal grinned; showing a malicious smile.

"Get out of my way, Krystal; or I swear, I'll-" Rachel began.

"You'll what? Slap me with that puny staff?" Krystal emitted a laugh, "Right. Go tell it to someone who cares."

"What I'll do is none of your concern. At least for the moment. Now, do I command, and save me the time of mopping your blood off the floor," Rachel replied, holding out her sterling staff.

Krystal cocked a brow, "Oooh- testy," she taunted.

"You'll see that when I have you on my turf," Rachel growled.

Krystal only smirked, "I'd love to chat more; but, quite frankly- you're getting on my nerves. Take THAT!" she yelled out; causing a great surge of gold light to reflect from her body; and onto Rachel's form.

Rachel felt herself shake, as the volts of electricity whipped through her body; letting out a shriek of pain, "You…lousy…BITCH!" she cursed; keeling over in pain.


"That's right, squirm, baby!" Krystal shouted; increasing in her power, "Say goodbye to your sweetheart."

"Rachel!" Christina called; reaching out from the floor, "I won't let you die, Rachel!" as she struggled to crawl over; being knocked back by the blast.

"Christina!" Rachel cried out, feeling herself start to vanish, "Christiinnaaaaaa!" she managed to get out, reaching back for the other woman, as a magenta light replaced her body; her orb being sent off into the distance.

Christina looked up in horror; hearing an evil cackle from the other part of the room.

"Yes!" Krystal exclaimed, causing the gold to take over the room, splashing the once-blue walls with a burst of what appeared as dust.


Christina felt a glitter-like substance float towards her; almost wrapping around her form, as a fuzzy feeling entered her mind; a memory that once was filled with brightness, changing to a blank void of nothing, and loss.

Before she could blink; a blackened oblivion found her- sending her into it's cold, icy waters.

Present Day



I felt myself awaken with a jolt.

Oh my god, what wasthat?!

I pressed my hand to my chest; feeling my heartbeat launch into turbo drive; pounding against my form, as I coughed; pressing a hand to my right cheek.

Was I…crying?

But…but, why?

I tried to think back; as usual, finding nothing.

Damn it, why can't I remember?

I pounded the mattress in anger.

Yeah, that solved a lot.

I sighed, feeling a sudden wave of sadness wash over me.

I hated being this way. I hated not knowing who I was; where I came from; my past. I was lost. A soul wandering the afterlife for no reason. Krystal was the only thing I had going for me.

A lone tear slid down my cheek.

I was a freak. Plain and simple. I had to accept this.

I went to grab my brush; when I realized something:

This isn't Krys and my bedroom!

I went into shock.

Oh no; what did I get myself into?

What happened earlier?

Last I knew; I had blacked out by some strange magic.

I hope I didn't-

My eyes turned to saucers.

Oh, god. I could be in some serial killer's place; or worse yet- I could have been raped, and didn't know it.

Oh, god, Celina, you really screwed up this time. Stupid, stupid woman.

"Oh, you're awake," a sudden voice greeted.

I jolted; turning towards the doorway, as a figure entered.

I brought the blankets to my nose. Oh, god.

"No. No, please. Don't- don't be scared," the voice cooed; holding something in her left hand.

I trembled; inching my way to the headboard; only to be smacked by it's wooden texture.

"Please don't hurt me," I whimpered out; feeling tears glisten in my eyes.

"Hurt you? Sweetie, I could never," the voice assured, stepping up into the moonlight.

"But, I don't know you. I- where's Krys?" I got out; sniffling a bit.

Goddess, I'm such a loser.

I guess that sparked something in the second party; because I swear, I noticed the figure cringe at that name.

I wonder why?

"She doesn't know you're here, darling. Shh. Just relax. It's all right," the woman's voice promised; sitting down by the bed.

I gazed up into a pair of haunting eyes.

Haunting…blue eyes.

I…I know those eyes.

I gasped in my thoughts.

It's her.

The girl from the meeting. But, but why was she being so friendly to me?

"You've taken quite a spill. And, I'm sorry about that. I just thought you were someone spying on me. Or worse off; someone that was trying to destroy me. It's hard to know who your friends are in this realm anymore."

I just nodded. I didn't want to cause any waves to form.

The woman sat there; playing with the texture of her dress.

"You must be hungry. Here; let me bring you something warm to eat," the lady offered.

I admit, she was nice. But, again, many have started out nice to me: then have suddenly pulled a 360.

Krystal for example.

I only nodded.

"I-I guess," I replied, gazing down at my hands.

A smile made it's way across her face, "Great. Let me do that now," she spoke; standing up.

"Ok," I brought back.

The woman paused in her step; turning back towards me yet again, "I-I really am sorry about earlier. If I had known it was you- I never would have went ahead and fired that beam. If it's any consultation to you- I- I am sorry," she spoke, looking sad for a moment.

What could I do? I mean, she did sound sincere.

I-I guess I could try and be calm. Just- to see what happens.

"It…it's all right," I spoke back; playing with the covers a bit.

"Thanks. Now, how about some dinner?" she offered.

"Wait…I…I don't even know your name," I began, totally shocked that I had said it was all right to a complete stranger.

The lady turned to face me, "My name's Lynette. It's nice to finally meet you, Celina."

"You too," I got out; a smile being my response, as the figure, now called 'Lynette,' made her way out of the room.

I gazed out at the night sky; watching a comet make it's way from the heavens, down to the soft earth below.

I was about to make a wish, when-

"Oh my god, how did she know my name?!"

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