October 1 (Troy)

Father come to me today and told me that we were leaving Troy. I decided to keep a travel log while I am away since this journey doesn't seem like the normal ones to our country home near to the beach. I listened to mother and him talking about it earlier. It seems that my grandmother Venus came to my father and told him he must leave Troy and sail away. Father of course did not take to that idea and refused for a while. But when your mother is a goddess you better listen to her. My family was already packed by dinner, including my grandfather Anchises. It is hard to concentrate on packing when the city you live in is up in flames, but we managed.

We followed my father out of the city towards some boats on the shore on the opposite side of Troy then the main harbor. Many of Father's friends and their families were already out on the big boats. We sailed out of the Harbor, watching sadly as our home continued to burn. It was only then that I noticed the absence of my mother. I knew she wasn't simply left behind, but was no long with us. She had died on the way out of Troy.

November 23 (Actium)

We landed on an island today. We had reached one before but we quickly sailed off again after finding what Father called Harpies about. I was not allowed to go to land when they had gone so I did not see the creatures, but I have been told on good account by the other men that they were monsters and we could not stay there.

While I was waiting for Father to return, my Grandfather told me the story of my Father's heritage. He was raised by nymphs on Mount Ida as my grandmother wished. Apparently we are not to tell anyone that my grandmother is a goddess or that people worshiped her daily simply for the need for love. I never met her, but she has appeared to my father many times to show him messages and guide him in life. Grandfather says because he told people of my father's mother Jupiter maimed him, hence the reason Father carried him out of Troy.

I miss Troy. Things are so unfamiliar now. I doubt that if we ever make it to our new home my life should ever be the same.

This was brought on most likely by the fact that we met a fellow Trojan. His name was Helenus and he was married to this very beautiful woman whom father said was married to one of my distant cousins before they died. She played with me on the beach while Helenus and my father discussed the situation we are in. Helenus told him that he should go to Sicily. We leave for that island tomorrow. Father laughed at me when I told him I wanted to marry the queen. He told me that she was married to Helenus and besides it was a boyish crush.

I wish we could just stay here.

December 3 (Sicily)

We landed on the island yesterday. However we plan to leave soon. A Cyclops walks on this island, or so the Greek told my father. Apparently a Grecian sailor by the name of Ulysses has been by here before us. The man he left behind had gotten stuck in the lair of the Cyclops that Ulysses had managed to maim and had been living in the forests ever fearful. Father told him he could join us if he wished.

However I also have bad news. My grandfather died right before we landed on the island. Father buried him last night by himself. He felt I was too young for the funeral and it was too personal to let any of the men help him. I feel that my mother would have helped had she lived to travel with us.

We sail again at sunrise tomorrow. Hopefully our luck will change now on our journey.

February 16 (Carthage- seaside area)

We finally managed to make it to Carthage today. The last couple of weeks have been hectic. After leaving the island of the Cyclops (which ended in being scared out of our minds when the blind Cyclops came out of his cave. I don't remember what the Greek said his name was.) We sailed into bad weather. Some of the Sailors said this was the goddess Juno's doing, that she was still angry with my grandmother. Others said it was Neptune, the sea god, who caused this storm. Either way it was magnificent. Luckily we managed to get though the storm and get to land. Apparently our location is near the city of Carthage.

My father and his friend Achates left early this morning to travel to the city. My grandmother appeared to him again and told him that a gentle and kind queen who would understand our troubles and help us ruled the city. I hope she is right. But then, she is a goddess and that should make her right all the time.

I hope so anyway.

February 19 (Carthage-Palace)

Achates came back this morning. They made it to the city and my grandmother was right. However, my father wanted me to come and see the Queen Dido. He had to remain behind and tell her our story. When Anchises left the palace of Dido he was telling the story of why Troy came to be in the war.

According to Achates, a huntress appeared to them and guided them though a mist to see Carthage. They were not seen till they reached the city. No harm came to them and Dido immediately set out a feast.

Before I went to leave with him, my grandmother Venus and her other son Cupid (I guess that would make him my uncle) came to me. They told me they had a plan to help us but they needed my help. I had to stay behind while my uncle went disguised as me.

It is interesting to have gods as relatives. It would be so good to see the faces of the ones who tease me when they find out. However, my father told me never to tell anyone and since I do not want to end up maimed like my grandfather, I shall do as I am told.

March 12

We are still in Carthage. I am beginning to figure out what my grandmother's plan was. My father seems to be infatuated with the queen. It is sort of on the gross side of things. I have a feeling this is not going to end well. However, Dido DID give me my own room with a view of the town (not the harbor.do not want to see seawater for a long time) with everything I could wish for. However it seems odd to be in the palace. I feel as if something big is going to happen and this idealistic place will not be ours anymore.

Dido, I hope, is not thinking of replacing my mother. She will never match Creusa.

March 17

Mercury appeared before both Father and I today. I must be getting more important since the gods are including me in on the messages now. Mercury told my father that Juno insists we leave Carthage now. This was not made to be our home, but somewhere else where Father will become the founder of a whole new race of man.

Dad of course, agreed. One must never disagree with a god. It really isn't beneficial to. I mean, look at Hercules and what Juno put him though because he made her angry. And of course there is what happened to grandfather.

Dido was not happy. She spent hours trying to persuade Father to remain with her. She even cried. Never saw a grown women cry before. However Father was firm and kept with his decision. We shall board the boats and leave before sunset tomorrow.

I shall miss the view of trees.

April 3

Today Palinurus (our pilot) drowned. He was a good friend.

April 19

We reached Sicily again today. This time Father has to find a sibyl. I had no idea of what a sibyl is. I will have to ask Euryalus.

April 19 -later that day

Eurylus told me that a sibyl is a woman that can lead further into the underworld to get the message Grandfather wants to give him. I also learned that she told him that has to find a golden branch in order to able to go to the underworld.

I wonder if Father will see Persephone.

April 23

Father returned today. He told me what happened as soon as he got home.

He had followed his mother (who was in the form of a bird) to where the branch was. He then took the branch to the Sybil and she led him to the underworld. They came upon some tunnels and though those tunnels he saw many horrors, some that he would not tell me. When he reached the end of the cave tunnels he saw two rivers. On the bank were souls trying to get passage to the underworld.

Charon, the ferryman of the underworld, would only allow those who had been properly buried or had wondered for hundreds of years. He almost didn't allow my father to go until he saw the golden branch. The Sibyl and Father then boarded his ferry and took the trip across the river. There was this large dog that guarded the underworld named Cereberus. Father said he was pretty frightening until the Sibyl gave him a cake.

The Sibyl then took Father down this path, which led to the various parts of the underworld. They came to the fork in the path. There are two judges to the underworld, Minos who judged and Rhadamanthus who ran the area to the left and punished the dead who deserved it. My grandfather had been placed in the area to the right. There my father was led to where my grandfather stood.

Grandfather took him with him to the Lethe River, also known as the river of forgetfulness. When the souls were ready to be alive again, they drank from the river and forgot their past. Grandfather then pointed out the many people who were waiting to become the great race my father is supposed to found.

Father did not say anything to me, but I over heard him talking about Dido. He saw her down there in the area set aside for people who resort to killing themselves for love. Dido died. It was her that the fire was for that I saw on our way out. She made her own pyre.

It was odd, but I didn't feel sad. Perhaps it was fated to be this way.

May 3 (Hesperia)

We reached the country of the Latins today. Latinus, the King, is certain the gods sent my father to marry his daughter Latinia. She is really nice to me. I think she would be an excellent choice for my father, but it is his decision. She does remind me of my mother though.

Today I am going hunting along with some of my friends.

May 4

Yesterday during the hunting trip something bad happened. I was hunting when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I was led towards a horse. Somehow I felt as if had to shot it. After I shot it I felt very guilty and ran and told my father. Apparently I had shot the prized pet horse of the land and the Latins were now declaring war, as well as the Rutalians who are ruled by Latinia's former fiancée Turnus.

He brought with him Mezentus and Camilla. Mezentus was formerly the king of another country and was a good solder. He was simply cruel to those he ruled over and they overthrew him. Camilla was a female warrior who could fight better then most men. These are not good odds. Father went to speak with Evander, the king of Arcady. He got the idea from Father Tiber. I do not really understand that, but then again I realize my father is special.

Hopefully he will be able to get some help.

May 7

This morning Turnus' men surrounded us. Father hasn't returned so we do not know if we will be getting any help. There are few of us but all of us are willing to fight to defend ourselves.

For some odd reason I have been given a position of power. It must be because I am the son of their leader, their prince in some ways. They don't realize I have no clue as to what I am doing. The most fighting I have ever participated in was watching my father fight in the battle for troy. I have never fought anyone in my life. However I will try not to disappoint them. Nisus is here for advice and Euryalus is also here to help me. There are also the few commanders my father left behind.

May 8

Nisus and Euryalus left this morning to see if they could get word to my father. Hopefully they can. I gave Euryalus my sword to protect himself. His was broken and he needed protection. I also gave him my promise to take care of his mother if he should die. I didn't want to, not wanting to believe my friend would die but I did anyway. I promised I would treat her as if she was my own mother.

It is getting worse. We will need some help soon.

May 9

Father arrived today. We are still fighting but now we have reinforcements. Hopefully this will be over before too long. Nisus and Euryalus did not make it. I haven't told Euryalus' mother yet. I am not sure how she will take it.

May 15

The fighting is over. After Turnus' leading comrades were killed he decided one-on-one combat was the best option. So father met him outside the gate to the city we are currently staying in. The gods were on our side and Father won. But it was different when he came back.almost as if he had been god-ified.

My father is discussing wedding arrangements with Latinus and his wife right now. Latinia is going to marry my father now. Apparently her grandfather told her father that only a foreigner would marry his daughter and they would be the parents of a new nation.

Should be interesting. I wouldn't mind living in the palace, as long as I get the view looking away from the water. I hope not to sail again for a very long time.

I am ending my travel journal, as it seems that the journey is done.

Iulius Acanius