Angelo ille illa illud ruo

I'm falling down,
Striking me down,
Go deeper down,
Pain is abound.

Free will is a bloated lie,
Celestial censorship.
All those who speak out will die.
It's no longer choice; it's fate.

Watch the star that falls,
But don't make a wish on it.
If it lands in Hell;
You'll know it was me.

Does the punishment top the crime?
Does God know why he threw me down?
Will I even get answers this time?
I'm falling even deeper down.

I remember why I was thrown now,
I was thrown because I learned the truth.
That nothing is made from free will,
The creator destined everything to happen.

Including my fall from above.

If this is the truth,
Angelum ille illa illud ruo.
Then I will rule in Hell,
Rather than serve in Heaven.