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Donnie had been right about it being nightfall almost by the time they got to the village. They left the beast a little ways outside of the village and walked in. The place seemed deserted if it were not for the scampering in the houses.

"They must think that we are here to rob them or something." Chris said looking around at the buildings.

"But we don't, all we want to do is find a hotel or something so we can sleep." Amber said looking at Chris.

"I know, but what can we do if everyone is going to hide in their homes?"

"Go find them!" Robert said walking to a door. Donnie ran in front of him and stopped him before he could breakdown the door.

"Robert don't, these people are just scared." Donnie said quietly as he held up his hand in front of Robert's chest.

"Fine and how do you suppose we should go about all of this then?" Robert fumed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"We knock." Donnie said and turned and done just that. They heard muffled sounds coming from inside before the door started to open. The person that had opened the door seemed to be no older than twelve.

"Can…can I help you sir's?" Donnie knelt before the child and looked him in the eye.

"Me and my friends are looking for a room to spend the night. Do you know of a hotel or place we may stay the night?" The kid looked at him confused for a moment then nodded his head.

"Are you robbers like my father said you are?" The comment made Donnie laugh.

"No we are not robbers. We," Donnie thought a moment as to what to tell him so he wouldn't give away as to who they really are. "We are adventures who have traveled from a far a way place and only need a place to stay."

"Then you'll find room in the inn two buildings over." A man's voice behind the boy came. Donnie stood up as the door opened revealing the man who had spoken. "My name is Sando." The man said extending his hand out.

"Donnie." Donnie shook the man's hand and looked at his friends. "These are my friends, Robert, Tonya, Chris, Amber, Ericka, Amanda, Ben, and Savyas, my brother. We have traveled from the plains just east of here and don't know this area do you know of someone who can help us?"

"What is it you are looking for?"

"Well that's just it we don't quite know yet?" Robert said stepping forward.

"My son can help you, he knows all of this land from this village to the next. I will have him waiting for you when you wake up."

"Thank you sir." Donnie said turning and walking towards the inn.

Over the inn was a sign that read "Jackal's Inn" and seemed to come out of a medieval time period. As did the buildings that were in the village. They walked in to find a stare case leading up in front of them, a large open room to their right and a small door with a "Private" sign on it. They walked into the large room to find several people sitting at tables drinking or playing cards.

"Ah, new comers." A rough looking bar keep called out from behind a bar. Donnie walked over and took a seat in front of him. "How can Jackal help ya out?"

"We need rooms for the night. You seem to be the only place around so we stopped." The man laughed and looked at Donnie.

"That we are; only damned inn in four hundred miles I do believe. We have room enough for you nine if you have the money." Everyone looked at Donnie quickly.

"We have old money if that will work?" Donnie said without thinking.

"Old? How old?"

"Printed in two thousand five." Donnie said holding up a few dollar bills. The man's eyes lit up.

"My great grandfather told me stories of paper money such as this. How did you come about such a thing?" The man eyed the paper money intensively.

"We are adventurers; we come upon man strange things. So can we have a room?" Donnie handed him the dollar bill and he just shook his head. Seeming as though he was in a trance as he stared at the paper money.

"Oh forgive my rudeness young masters. Jeniva!" He yelled and turned to a young woman in a short dress. To long to be a skirt but to short to be anything else. "These men and women need rooms, food and anything else they desire. Understood?"

"Yes my lord." The young woman said smiling. Robert stared at the girl and winked at her when he caught her eye. Tonya saw this and jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow.

"Don't you even think about it!" Tonya stated and turned and followed the young woman upstairs. Donnie chuckled as he followed everyone else upstairs. Robert shook his head and followed Donnie upstairs.

They were given six rooms. The couples shared a room each and Savyas took a room next to the stairs. The sixth turned into a sort of meeting room for the nine quickly after they settled in.

"Ok Donnie I want to know how the hell you knew what to say and how to say it." Ben said walking to a seat and plopping down.

"It was simple, I looked at my surroundings. This place seems like it came from a damned medieval story book. They way the people act and dress, the homes. Every part of it. As for the money well…..I guessed."

"You guessed! You mean you could have been wrong and we could be out on our asses freezing or worse all because you guessed!" Robert yelled from the seat he had taken next to a window.

"Calm down, nothing bad happened and look how it turned out. It's as though we bought this building. All for one little dollar, I want to see how well the pocket change works." Donnie said to his self thinking.

"You might want to not pass too much of that stuff around. Word might get around that new comers have very old money that doesn't look to old." Savyas said looking at Donnie.

"Your right, but we should at least get supplies from here since they already know we have it." Ericka said looking at Savyas.

"True enough. We can do that in the morning then. Until then good night." Savyas walked out of the room and straight to his.

"He has a good idea; we need to get to bed if we are to start looking for the evil and getting down to killing it once and for all." Donnie said placing an arm around Amanda's waist. "Ready to go to bed?" Donnie asked as Amanda yawned. He chuckled slightly before adding. "I'll take that as a yes. Good night everyone." Both him and Amanda walked out of the room and headed for their own. Everyone else agreed to doing the same without saying a word. Everyone walked out of the room and headed to where they were spending the night. Ben was the last one out of the room so he locked the door and pocketed the key. Most of what they did have was in that extra room. Ben walked down the hall to his room to find the door still open for him. When he walked in he saw something he didn't figure he'd see.

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