Battered love at midnight broken heart come morn

And its all that I know
cause it all that you told me
hold me dear
and watch bleed
wipe away these fear soaked tears
and kiss the pain from these rosebud lips
as lightly as if love flows from fingertips
to soothe my aching grieved heart
and bereaved this night of all things hope-filled
overflowed onto brimstones
darkly burning in my breast
where my broken heart be laid to rest
buried beneath the sands of windblown souls
masked by clouds till it grows cold
and stirs no more
for all strength is gone
dried up from those love starved veins
severed blindly battered maimed
and all hope drains off freely
soaking into those soiled garments
seeping from tear ducts
long gone cold
chilling these sheets where we once lay
killing me softly as morning gray
blooms yonder in the dappled sky
tinting my sight shades blood dry
yet blooming still
with spear thrown rays
to pierce my frozen heart
and deaths clouded eye
a new sun arise and life takes up its cry