Dedicated to Melanie: all hope is not lost.

To Save the World

Tears begin to form

Liquidating the grief and pain of life

In her oceanic eyes,

As haltingly she proclaims the tale

Of this dilapidated and failing world.


Previous constants

Have all but full circled to inconsistencies.

Righteousness has tumbled into the abyss

Of heresy and guilt.

Everything which once was perfect

Is disturbed


And crooked

In her eyes.

The once great joys and loves of her life

Have taken up a sweeping waltz

To the tune of a different calling.

And she stands in the midst of it all

Crying out the truth,

Attempting to uncover the fallibilities of life.

In her pure but grieving soul,

She believes the heaven bound are weeping

For she is unable to single-handedly

Hunt down and return those gone astray,

Reconcile the infinite differences,

And save the world from its inevitable darkness.


The crystalline tears

Rain down from cloudy eyes

As she stumbles through ebony despair.

For the world continues to shift,

To revolve in the mistaken direction,

Catapulting a string of wrongs.

But she stands firm upon her ground of truth,

With hair of golden innocence,

And sweetened conviction

Gracing forth from her paling lips.

Save none will respond,

For none wish to be saved.


Slowly I approach her whirlwind,

Its helplessness and failings

Knock me off balance.

On hands and knees I crawl

Until her trembling knees I find.

Reaching up a soiled hand

I smile at her tear-streaked face.


For a moment she stares down

--the pain which radiates

Pierces the soul causing it to weep—

Then wipes the glistening tears,

A slight smile plays upon her hopeless face.

Reaching down she grips my hand,

And together we rise up and face the world

Prepared to make a change,

Even if it means death is our only reward.