Tripping On The Way In

With you

I fell so fast

and the leather


embodiment of your skin

was the bright light

that shined

only to be stilled

for me by nighttimes hour.

I was an ocean

a sea

of violent memories

but you made me end

in a way

that lead me to believe that I could go on.

The sun had not yet come up

when you directed me away

the girl who walked through the door was not the same as the one who came out.



could never invade my senses.

The night was cool

and silent

and you gave me my first kiss.


I tripped on your lips

like a child

learning to walk.

I paced

along the curves and lines of your face,

lingering beyond your parted lips

where devotion and sighs parted from.

I dreamed

that you existed inside of me

and I kept you safe inside my curve.

The walls shook


by the thunder of the sun

and the lighting of the moon.


fear that this moment would come to an end.

Your hand on my cheek

fingertips whispering sweet nothings.

Your eyes on mine


with you I fell so fast.