Ashes and Dry Bones

Ashes and dry bones

placed sweetly beneath me

laid out neatly.

Holding me down



this grave of the past.

I wish

that these ashes,

these dry bones

could be fragmented

through time



I wish

that those same bones

would rise

from the destination that I can not find.

I can not see...

I can not see you.

I wish

that I was not trapped here

this gown of purple reflection not so restraining.

I wish

that you could see

what all of this has lead to

what its done to me.

I just want to talk to you

hear the voice

that echo's off kilter in my mind.

I want you with me still


as though time had never shaped us so differently.

I want my hands free

I want your arms

your hands


and words said

left un spoken.

I want this earth to shake

with my aching


for you again.

I don't care who you are anymore

who you want to be

what you want of me.

I'll I want is you

and to forget.


Lover here I am once more.


neatly placed bones


within my parapet


my need.

I wish

my hand was in yours

my words

in your ears

my face

in your direction.


bones so beautiful.


Why am I

still here

on my knees

looking for you

talking to you

of broken things

that remain deaf to ears of such splendor.

Ashes and dry bones

placed sweetly beneath me,

I'd rather be alone

but only

if beneath me.