How many stars dot the sky?
How many grains of sand on a single beach?
How many drops of water in a sparkling ocean?
Question, question, question
The world below, the world above,
The air we breath, the earth we feel.

Who feels every emotion of man?
Who knows the passing of time?
Who's spoken with the wind?
Question, question, question
Who you are, who I am,
The feel of today, the world of tomorrow.

What stops the ticking of the clock?
What ignites the spark of love?
What fuels the hate of man?
Question, question, question
What you see, what you miss,
What I say and what you hear.

Where do the winds go?
Where is the one for you, for me?
Where is the comfort we seek?
Question, question, question
Where you are, where you want to be,
Where you will be and where you want to be.

When will destiny unfold?
When will death become apparent?
When will life crumble to the ground?
Question, question, question
When your life slips through your hands,
When who you are no longer matters.

Why question the world today?
Why seek answers to our questions?
Why put hope in despair?
Question, question, question
Why we are the way we are,
Why we try so hard to live.