I don't know what to say.
There's so much that I
Just can't understand.
You aren't the same person
Who told me I could fly,
And that unicorns were real.
You're older now,
And it shows so much.
You still love some things,
The childish humor
Still amuses you now,
And the games you
Still play with your friends.
But something has changed,
I don't quite know what.
I remember days, or nights,
When I told you everything,
And you usually
Returned the favor.
Now there's secrets
Held between us.
Well I'm changing too.
I used to respect you,
I used to think that
You were the greatest person
In the entire world.
I wanted to be
Just like you.
But I've lost those thoughts,
And I'm lost myself.
I don't know what to think
About this new you.
Why did you have to
Change so much?
Why can't you just be
What you have been
To me always?
I still love you,
But sometimes now,
I wonder if it's really you
Or the memories
That I love.