Close your eyes

and let us become new again,



into what's left of myself.

Close your eyes

and let me become ancient

like the ivy

twining from my fingertips.

Let me dance,

my silent dance,

my dance of remembrance,

and remember my edge.

Let me tell you where to go

how to get there

and how little I care where you end up.

Let me not care.

Close your eyes

and let me use you

for my many purposes,

my devices,

my clenched teeth

ready to bite down.

You look at me

is she it?


Well let me not stifle you and your ache

for everything that I am.

Everything loved

unlike me.

Everything make believe

that I know to be lies.

You love me

so let me know.

You want me

so don't run away.

You need me

so let me get close.

My heart is closed,

so close your eyes

and let us start over.