I carefully smoothed out the wrinkles on my navy blue, knee length skirt with a matching jacket, and took a deep breath before walking into the expensively decorated office. I gave a quick appraisal, taking in the large glass windows and several colourful paintings on the wall. I sighed deeply. I could hardly believe that this was now MY office. That's right. I was a top lawyer in California, specializing in family law.

I walked to the deep burgundy desk and ran my left hand along the length of it. The twinkle from my ring finger made me stop and smile. I put down my suitcase and brought my ring up to study it.

Cameron and I had gotten married 4 years after our two week vacation. I was 21 and he was 22, and we were both going to the same college. I smiled, remembering how he had proposed............


"Rayne, come on now! You take this long every time!" Cameron stood outside the bathroom door of my parents house. I grinned, getting a major sense of deja vu. I pulled my now past shoulder length, red hair into a half ponytail and pulled on the matching blue zipper jacket that matched my pants. Giving my face a final lookover, I opened the door, half expecting to find Cameron sprawled out on the floor. Instead, all I found was a note. I bent down and picked it up.

"Ray," I read, "I have a big surprise for you at the beach where we met. I have gone on ahead of you, so please ask Chad to give you a ride. Love, Cam."

'I wonder what this is about.' I thought. I ran down the stairs to find Chad and in a few minutes, we were on route to the beach.

"Do you know he wants me at the beach?" I asked. Chad only smiled and said that he had promised not to tell. I crossed my arms. Men!

We arrived at the beach and I got out, the warm wind lifting my hair away from my back. I gazed at the water and took a deep breath. The sun was setting over the water, making it look like an arrangement of beautiful colours spanning from blue to purple, from pink to orange. The sky was a mirror of the colours on the water and the wind was blowing so gently.

I walked toward the beach, stopping only once to take off my shoes. I always loved feeling the sand beneath my feet. Looking around for Cameron, I spotted him a about a fifty feet from me walking toward where I was standing. I smiled at him and walked toward the water's edge, letting my toes feel the cold fingers of the water. I threw my shoes a few feet away from me and kicked the water, sending out a light spray.

I heard Cameron come up behind me and felt him put his arms around my waist, his cheek pressed against mine. I folded my hands over his arms.

"So, why exactly did you ask me to come here? I thought you really wanted to go to the concert." I murmured, nuzzling his cheek.

"Shhh! Just enjoy the sunset for the last few moment's it'll be here." He whispered. I leaned back, watching as the orange sun set beyond our reach, slowing sinking into the colourfully painted water. We stood there, swaying gently in the breeze, until the last of that sun had faded and only a touch of orange was left in the sky. I turned around in Cameron's arms and wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling up at him.

"I think" I said, "that was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen."

"It was even more beautiful for me because I had you here with me."

I giggled. "You, sweetheart, are so incredibly corny! But I still love you."

Cameron gave a me quick kiss. "And I love you, but I have to know something."

I frowned. "What?"

He gave me another kiss. "Will you marry me?"

I gasped and began to feel faint. I probably would have been a heap in the sand if it wasn't for Cameron's arms holding me. I closed my mouth and stared at him in wide eyed shock.

He smiled. "It's not a hard question to answer darling. A simple yes or no would be ok, but I would prefer a yes."

"You would?" I asked. Ok, so it was a stupid question, but hey, give me a break! My boyfriend is proposing. I have a right to be stupid!

"Yes I would."

I somehow managed to get my thoughts in order and an answer formed in my slightly cloudy mind.

"Well, if its a yes you want, then it's a yes you'll get!" I laughed. I tightened my arms around Cameron's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. After a few minutes, we broke apart and Cameron spun me around. He set me down and looked out to the water.

"You know, it's really kind of ironic how this was the place we met and the place that I proposed. Do you remember how we met?"

I growled and scrunched my nose at him. "As if I could forget, you idiot."

Cameron laughed. "And how would you feel if we held our wedding here?"

I pretended to think seriously. "Well, it would be kind of fitting, since we did meet here and you proposed here, so I don't think I have any problems with holding a wedding here. Just as long you never mention the bikini incident, or I'll flush the toilet every time you take a shower."

Cameron threw his head back and let out a huge laugh before bringing his lips to mine again.


(End Flashback)

I smiled and shook my head. The wedding had been a few months after Cameron proposed and it had gone considerably well. There were only a few incidents which had made it comical. One was Chad falling off the motorboat we had rented as our 'getaway car' and into the water, and also when my Aunt broke and lost her heel in the sand.

I went around the desk and sat down in the oversized chair. Leaning forward, I took out a picture of Cameron from a cardboard box and set it right in front of me. I crossed my arms on the desk and rested my chin on top of them, bringing me to eye level with the picture. I slowly took in his dark, short hair, beautiful eyes, and award winning smile, and sighed to myself.

"Cameron, honey," I whispered to the picture, "you surprised me many, MANY times. But now its my turn. I just came from the doctors office, and in about 7 and a half months, you are gonna be a daddy. It's gonna be just like I dreamed. You, me, and our little child living together as a family. You don't know this yet, but I am gonna tell you soon. Until then, enjoy the ever changing mood swings darling!"

I pushed the picture to the left side of my desk and straightened up into the chair. I looked out the window into the shining city of Nappa. This was life. This was my dream. I chuckled to myself.

I always thought that fairy tales were just fluff and never came true, but here I was, proving myself wrong. I had a loving husband, a new job, a baby on the way, and the horizon was looking as bright as it could be.

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