Crying Roses

In a small garden,
Far, far away,
Were the roses that cried.
An old gardener keptthem,
And each day,
The roses exceded their own beauty,
Millions of people wanted one,
But noneprevailed.

One, sunny day,
The gardener died,
And the roses cried like never before.

A little girl climbed over the high wall,
Just to see the roumored roses,
Roumored to have mysterious powers,
Such as crying.

As she entered over the garden wall,
She couldn't believe her eyes,
After ten years of drought,
And being out of the old gardeners care,
The roses were as beautiful as ever,
With streams of tears running off the petals.

As the girl touched the dry soil at the roots,
All thetears stopped running,
And a message appeared in the dry dirt,
Begging her not to sell the roses,
For it would be as if she was selling love,
And not a rose.

From that day forward,
The girl never left the garden,
And the drought came to an end,
As she promised to never sell a rose.

As centuies passed,
A new rose bloomed everyday,
Now they exceed life,
And all can have a crying rose,
Each petal representing a peice of the heart,
Showing what it would be like,
If the little girl hadn't come along.