I know you love me
But do you like me?
I don't think so
I think I need to go

Yea I'm kinda sick of it
Putting up with all this shit
Putting up with how unfair you be
I'm losing sight of me

Your love is restricting
Dominating, constricting
You need to start thinking
Or just stop with it
You're such a mess
Blessed, I confess
Stop thinking you're the best
Or just stop with it
You're so difficult
Never felt, not build
Deal with what has to be dealt
Or just stop with it
Please boy listen
You've been wearin' thin
Brighten your lights that's dim
Or just stop with it

I've tried to be nice
Don't give no advice
But you're ignorant
Needing to be dominant

Wish I wasn't so naïve
I wanted to believe
That you'd always be there
But you just don't care

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm sorry if that's how you feel
But I'm just being real
You're really not able to deal
Stop with it
It's really amusing
How you're so confusing
Your mind and mouth need fusing
Stop with it
You know you heard me
Trying to play dirty
Go ahead and be dirty
'Cause I'm done with it

(Repeat Chorus)