Whispered vows left unspoken
Until a night where wrongs were mended
Smothered feelings brought to surface
Kisses soft with heat

One afraid to admit it that night
The other not sure if it would be right
Him and her, finally together
How they felt was meant to be

That night
Where notes of love were flown
That night
If only they had known
That this was to be their fate
Sooner this could have happened, now too late
Separated before love could flare
Yet they are readily aware
That night was meant to be
Never will they feel guilty
For that night
That night

He looked at her in such a way
That in the dark of night, she felt the warmth of day
The feel of his kiss was forever with her
She'd never let it go

Her head on his shoulder, hand in his
Never had he thought he could feel this
This that he'd only dreamt of long before
And now he'll always know

(Repeat Chorus)

One last hug, one last kiss
One last few moments before they had to end this
Until fate brought them together again
They felt their love was incapable of any end

Ending moments, that last night
Gave them time for feelings to take flight
Never to them had anything felt so right
As that night

(Repeat Chorus)