Always end up so hurt

Always put myself out
On the line

Won't make that mistake
'Cause I just can't take this pain one more time

And I just don't
Wanna cry.

Am I destined to be lonely
For the rest of my life
Need to know if someone's out there for me
To come into my life
And comfort me
Respect me
Not make me cry
My heart can't take it again
Please don't make me want it, to end

My heart can't take
No more

My spirit is as dead
As my soul

I try so hard
To be happy
I'm always wondering
What's wrong with me

I'm just sick
Of crying, all the time

(Repeat Chorus)

It's like hell the way
No one's trustworthy
Maybe I just don't see how
My heart says I should keep going on
But it's too late
I'm over now

(Repeat Chorus)