There once was a little girl
She was nothing more than a little thing
Her life still had happiness to bring

She couldn't understand
Why Mommy always looked so sad
And Daddy always yelled so bad

This poor thing
Is the product
Of a broken family
And she doesn't know
What it's like
To be happy
Her childhood
Was a mess
And she grows up too quickly
Every moment she lives
She tries to fix it all
But it happens too fast

Now she's all grown
Or so she believes
But early maturity is so quick to deceive

She walks around
Doing things she's too young for
This beautiful girl needs a better open door

(Repeat Chorus)

Now she's there
Lying in the street
Her clothes torn off
Heels on her feet

She's still alive
But will never be the same
Her face distorted
Her body put to shame

(Repeat Chorus)