I can't believe this is happening to me
You love me and I feel myself falling into you
And part of me says this shouldn't be
But that's just the part of me that's scared to love you too

This feeling is softly scary and I feel so weak and unable to breathe and
unable to think.no longer lonely.
I'm getting lost in this unearthly bliss and soft loving kiss.so
listless.in love's holding fist

So vulnerable, touchable, kissable, is how you make me feel
This feeling, fills me, completely, and it's really real
Kissing you, loving you, touching you, just fills me
And what I just can't shake off of me
Is my vulnerability
My vulnerability

I see so much in you
Your sweet lips and abilities won you my heart
And what we got feels really true
I hope that we continue and never drift real far

I wish I knew what, you are thinking, when you look at me, with your soft
eyes, they tell no lies
You're so lovable, unintentional, adorable, your love warms me.cold I'll
never be

(Repeat Chorus)

It wonders me
How this came to be
So real and true and precious to me
I feel so uncanny
Love is the place I should be
And I feel I can be trusting
With my vulnerability