Why do I feel so empty
Although you're holding me in your arms
And the night sky's above us
And the crickets are chirping, meaning no harm

Why can't I enjoy this moment
Why must I strive to find the good feeling
That I should be having
I guess I have trouble dealing

With the fact that I don't feel anything
But want to be kissed
That I yearn so to feel
That unearthly bliss
I wish I could
Feel it with you
But I just can't
What am I to do?

What am I to do?
I look into your eyes
Looking for the spark, but it's not there
I feel like I'm gonna cry

Oh how I wish I could feel it
I'm so torn inside because of this
I want to cry so bad
Why can't I deal with

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh my Lord
How torn I am inside
Between giving in to the truth
Or living a huge lie

Why can't I deal
What am I to do?
I wish I could feel
So much with you

But I don't
I want to feel it so bad
Want to look back one day
And see all we had

(Repeat Chorus)