The girl drinking dirty beer
She's the girl with all the wretched fears
Of life and death
Death and love
Especially, from above

She hates that line
Love isn't sublime
It's brought her down
Down too deep
Or so she believes

What if she knew
What love could do
Would she put the gun down?
What if she wasn't,
So abused
Would she turn her life around?
What if?
What if?

Everyday this poor girl
Would get up to try again
Everyday she would
Come home
Feeling less loved

It seemed like
Everyday someone
Moved farther away
Everyday one less
Person cared about her

(Repeat Chorus)

This poor little thing
Just can't see
How special she is
And can become to be
She needs to live
And not cheat herself of the chance
To become who she is

(Repeat Chorus)