Lost Aspiration
Window pane frigid with ice,
Inside a girl is playing piano
With a rose frozen between her lips
And a song in her heart.
Mirror tauntingly sincere,
Parading days of insomnia
And worry for the future,
When a life will end or start.
Faces turned to mock failure,
She feels so cold
And warmth lingers
On the other side of the door.
No one to smile on passion,
But frowns trace her every step,
Yet, she battles ahead
Because she can't cry anymore.
A girl grasping a guitar,
Finger's swollen and blistered,
A glint in her eye,
Determination has no fear.
Faces of disgust,
Her hand slips down
To pick up the pieces of a broken soul,
And catch a falling tear.
Fingers frigid with ice,
Wings damaged and shamed,
She's been buried alive because
Her disappointment has no cure.
A ghost playing a piano
To the harmony of lost aspiration,
And all she needed was
Someone to believe in her.