My parents are against gaming, ever since I was twelve; they have been trying to convince me that gaming has no purpose. They think gaming is, pointless, has a bad influence, and time consuming. Well guess what? I think gaming is fun, because it improves my thinking, hand eye co- ordination, and my social life.
While I am gaming, I notice that it improves my process of thought. This can improve my math skills by allowing me to look at the structure of the math question differently. Gaming also increases my focus. How you ask? I have more discipline and having more discipline allows me to study more effectively and efficiently; ultimately this will allow me to study without difficulty.
Space Invaders, a game that I play for example, is an old but useful game. It is useful because it improves my hand eye co-ordination. I have also noticed faster reactions to sudden things such as errors in my math, science, and English. This will help me throughout my high school years.
In playing various games and having a conversation with my fellow players I have made long distance friendships. This makes me feel secure and better about myself. I now have the confidence to talk with other new people while I am in high school. This gives me more self-assurance to approach the teachers in high school.
So as you can see, I have told you some positive things about gaming. I have told you about how it keeps my focus, how it improves my hand eye co- ordination and how it improves my social life. If you are still against me in gaming, send me an email with your complaint, and I will counter it within 12 hours