I said "Holy Shit!"
What am I doing here?
When I feel so mediocre
I said "God damn"
I hate and love this place
But I'm not getting out
Any time soon
I stood in a blank hall
The other day
It made me so alone
The generic sense
Of the walls and the doors
Made me think
That I was nothing
At all
"But hey!" I mused to myself
Out loud
Only to notice that someone
Was there - next to me - eyeing me
With suspicion
As if I were guilty
Of some atrocity
I speculated
And said, "Fuck it"
I'll think about it the next day
My apathy made me feel
Made me think that
I should conform
To something better
And more popular
A something that I had already misconceived
The pictures of the
Flowers on the wall
Were an oxymoron
As I revived myself from
A stupor of confusion
And self-pity
This was the only enlightening thing
In the corridor
And it was as bland and dull
As the fluorescent lights
And I just remarked
"Holy Shit!"
What am I doing here?