Foreign Nature
~A GOTU Inspired Poem~

I just don't understand
The way you work.
The way you think.
The way you act.
I want to know
Why you're so insane.
Why you laugh so hard
Yet hurt inside.
I want to know
How you make me feel
So alone
Right at your side.
Pull me in
Yet push away.
I want to know
How you're so deranged
How you dare to be strange
Yet it's normal to you.
I'm entranced
By your nature.
I want to study you
Just like a book.
It just so happens,
You're a book that won't open.
So many forbidden pages.
Do you not trust me to know?
I want to know
Why you're so clueless.
Why you live this way
But never notice.
You're a foreign subject
One strange to me.
Can anyone understand
This person I see?