Broken Scale

Broken scale.
Leaning one way
Then the other.
Can't decide
What is zero.
There's no way to fix it.
It was always broken.
The little needle
Points to a number.
No matter what
It's never right.
Empty inside
Its parts removed.
Burdened by
The weight it carries.
It tries and tries
To please them all.
There's always one
Who's discontent.
One of the other
It can't be both.
No one sees
Through its perspective.
It takes the blame.
It's never correct.
But, is it really
This scale's fault?
Can it help to be
The way it is?
When one side is heavier
It scrambles to balance.
But one is always
More than the other.
It's pulled apart.
It takes the blame.
It's criticized.
It has no way
To right itself.
How can it.
When I was born that way.
When I was born
A broken scale.