Stay Away!
Small and vulnerable.
She sits there all alone.
She looks so pitiful,
You feel compelled to help her.
But when you do, she pulls away.
Her aura repels.
Her body language
It screams: Stay away!
She complains;
Says she wants to be alone.
But you know she wants attention.
She's quick to anger.
Even small things
Will have her off the wall.
You feel bad about it,
But you find yourself avoiding her.
She never laughs for long.
You can tell it's forced.
The way she stares into space.
The expression on her face.
It tells you to "Stay Away!"
It makes you want to cry.
And yet, you don't.
You can't.
She says things.
You know she doesn't mean it.
But it still hurts you.
She's hurting more than herself.
She's hurting those all around.
Talk of suicide, complaints, and all.
Either that,
Or stony silence.
You know there's nothing you can do.
There isn't.
You've given up.
It's tearing you apart.
But, it's a lost cause.
You've given up on her.
Just like
I've given up on you.
I'm sorry.
Nothing I can do but
Stay away.