Fifth Wheel

Lets all have a good laugh.
Sure, but it's at your expense.
They're all laughing
And you are too.
You do realize,
They're laughing at you?
They hate you!
Can't you see that?
You laugh,
As if they're joking
I listen to this act
And I start choking.
I like them.
They like me.
But they hate you.
You're a fifth wheel.
It makes me sad
Because I want to be with you
But, they're cool too.
It happens over and over.
I think you know it,
Why don't you show it?
The things you say
Annoy me so much
Why do you have to make me pay
For what you do?
I hate this feeling.
I felt it way too
Much before.
When you're not around
It's so much fun,
But it's fun with you,
It's the feeling of the fifth wheel.
You're denying it.
But, it's true.
I don't know
What you'll do.
But, they're laughing
And it's at you.