Proving Me Wrong

I thought by the age of twelve

That I knew myself back and forth

I thought that knowing my writing

Or my passion in this lifetime

Completed my self-actualization

And you proved me wrong

Thank you for proving me pompous

For showing me that I can be more

Than a hypocrite's definition of normal

Or society's perception of moral

Thank you for showing me myself

And thank you for making me see

Thank you for forcing my eyes open

When I fought to keep them closed

Thank you for making me believe

Or at least consider that belief

Even if this means nothing later

It's important to me now

There's somewhere I need to go

And you would throw me on the path

But talk me through every step

And be ready on the other side

And never let me lose control

You were a stranger who understood

You don't just listen and nod

You've been here and help me

And you don't see this as a chore

Or proof that you're a good person

For putting up with my sins

Because you see us as equal

And that's why I think I can listen

Because you've shown me what this is

It's not a contest or a race

Not a question of morals or ethics

It's a question of self and love

And that's what I needed to know

I can't judge you for who you are

Because I'm done being weird

Wiccans are no weirder than Christians

Bis are no weirder than straights

And my life is no weirder than yours

And that doesn't make me better or worse

Religion should be a personal thing

Romance follows that trend

And if all you have to offer is a label

Then I hope never to meet you

Because you're probably rather boring

But I used to be that way too

I'm not going to cry over what you think

And I won't be the first to reject

Because it doesn't matter what you are

I want to know what matters to you

What you're interested in

Not your religion, gender, and race

I need people like me to relate to

But I need people who aren't like me

To balance out my left-wing life

I need people who are like you

And I need people who are like me

I need those who are none of the above

Being my friend won't make you liberal

Being your friend won't make me better

It'll just make us two people

Looking past dualities and words

It's not about politics, labels, and nerves

It's about being who you are