Come Be My Romeo

Come be my Romeo

and fill me with your guitar/poetry soul.


my will

for destruction,

and love will go toward love

against me.

Do that Romeo

don't let me stop you

show up on my doorstep,

but don't give me flowers,

don't give me poetry

give me you.

Steel me

make me

break me

silence me,


I'm sick of thinking

sick of prophesizing.

Be my Romeo

and tell me of your pain

give me something else to think of

let me puff on your cigarette of destruction

and we'll lay down together.

This summer of heat and shame

must end destructively.

My numbness

has become my song

so Romeo sing to me

tell me of your lust

your longing.

Take my hand away

from the pockets of pills

that I'm searching through.

Come be my Romeo

and we'll do what we want.

Walk the streets hand in hand


like vines

within my fingertips

and let us become extensions of each other.

Be what you want to be Romeo

but let me hang on you

and come to you

by nights glow

and lay with you.

Let me twist


and feel peace

against the salvation that this will not take long.

Come be my Romeo.

Please come

so I can do what I want.