Slowly unfurling
Stretching up to the sun
The simple beauty
Of a leaf newly done
Small and delicate
A green oh so bright
A brand new life
To take up the fight
The fight against hunger
The fight against death
Everyone's fight
From their very first breath
A very small plant
No taller then your hand
But one day it's roots
Will be deep in the land
Small at the beginning
It grows at a snail's pace
Oh so slowly
It starts the race
Years go by
The tree grows tall
Weathering storms
That wish it to fall
The small plant
Is now a mighty oak
By the smaller folk
Tall and proud
Unsuspecting to the end
This tree
Cut down by it's friends
The small folk who
Before who used to pray
Beneath it's boughs
Almost every day
The tree had thought
They were his fans
How could they?
These silly humans
No longer a tree
Now just a stump
The rest of its parts
Chopped into lumps
Turned into wood
Chopped up fine
Turned into a barrel
To hold their wine
Never again
To feel the sun
To create shade
For others' fun
Remember you must
That a tree has a life
That it too
Can feel a knife