I sat around when I was young
Hearing stories told and sung
Of brave knights and fair princesses
Clad in armour and pretty dresses
I was young, but a boy
The fables told I did enjoy
I never stopped to ask what then
I merely listened time again
For stories are not real life
Lacking problems stress and strife.
And they live on without a care
I wasn't them I wasn't there
I thought that was how life went
A picture perfect chain event
That fable isn't what life planned
Of this I have to understand.
In the book he rode up brave
Drew his sword and with a wave
The dragon did so rest its head
To the maiden he thee wed
For ever after they lived together
As two birds, of a feather
Now I do see it is wrong
People's hearts do not belong
Although all is good today
I ask will it stay that way
For unlike stories life is bleak
Lasting love is rare and weak
Although I love with all my heart
Will it end as the start?
Will you always love me too?
Will we last on love so true?
I hope we do like that knight
I hope we do as one unite
I hope we do for I love you
I hope we do, I hope we do