Lee And Dru
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was the Second day of the month of August
That I was overstressed by my job and I must
Take a vacation from the workday world or go totally
Nuts,which caused me to go over to sunny Miami,
Florida and spend some time with someone I trully trust.

Just then,after I've arrived and went into a bar,
I've looked around and saw a beautiful maiden from afar.

She's an Angel Boris type beauty who's indeed no fool,
Even though she was sitting on one of the bar stools
And smoking one of the world's finest cigars.

And after she'd flicked the ashes into an ashtray
And we've looked at each other's eyes,we knew that day's
The day that we've found true love--
And like a pair of pure white doves,
We've realized that our love shall last more than one day.

Of course,that's very true,
For it was a year later that a Miss Dru
Lincoln has married a handsome guy named Lee
Harker,who of course happens to be me.

And after we've each said "I do",
Both Dru and I had zoomed our way
Back to Miami,
Florida to enjoy our romantic honeymoon.

Then,we would someday soon
Be able to start our very own family.

But as for right now,we're about to be
Business partners in the music industry,
Which means we'll still be together--
And that makes us more happier.