The habit
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another poem that I wrote in all seriousness. It's a poem about
how too much drinking and boozing can change a person's life, and not
always for the best. Drinking in moderation is fine and dandy, but just
know when to say enough is enough. Drinking not only affects your life, but
others around you. Just something to think about people. You guys/gals know
the drill. R@R and let me know if you like this one. TTFN.

It started off with one small drink
And then it became a habit
Everyday he went to the bar
Because he just had to have it

And with drinks came his temper
He became ever so violent
Then when he was sober enough
He noticed that she was silent

He would ask her " Baby what's wrong?"
And she would shake with fear
He was just so confused
Because she didn't want him near

He just couldn't understand
So left to go get pissed
And when he returned late that night
He woke her with his fist

The fight was ever so violent
There was madness all around
She knew that she screamed loud enough
But her neighbors ignored the sound

And soon the fight was over
And she was lying dead on the floor
He left the room, stumbling over his feet
As he walked out the door

It started off one small drink
And then it became a habit
Now she's gone because of him
Because he just had to have it