The habit
Part 2
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's the second half of the habit, and I hope you guys and gals like
this version as well as the first. Thanks goes out to everyone who
reviewed. I also wanted to let everyone know that I'm not currently taking
Instant messages, because truthfully I changed my internet provider to AOL.
I had to delete my yahoo IM, because I restored my computer back to factory
conditions. I didn't and I still don't feel like downloading anything else
on this computer, because I'm too scared of my computer getting another
virus. So if anyone wants to contanct me for whatever reason, then just
send me an email. I'd rather correspond that way anyway. Enough chitter
chatter...enjoy the poem.

It started off with one small drink
And it became a habit
He ended up killing his wife
Because he just had to have it

Then he had decided to leave
To visit another bar
Not thinking about the consequences
He got into his car

He drove away into the night
Going over 95
He didn't even realize
That his wife was not alive

His memories of the previous night
Disappeared like a dream
His vision soon got cloudy
Then suddenly he heard a scream

The loud scream was muffled away
From the sounds of metal clashing
Soon darkness overcame him too
And he didn't know he was crashing

And then he finally woke up
In the hospital in critical care
The police placed him under arrest
Because he killed a family of four there

It started off with one small drink
And it became a habit
He ended up taking away five lives
Because he just had to have it