The Fighting Power Story

Origin: Shortly after their high school graduation, several teenagers were hanging out on the beach until their fun in the sun was called to a halt when a woman washed up onto the shore. The woman looked strange to them as her hair was blue and skin was a pale blue as well. In her hand, she held on to several small shining gems. As the teens looked on at the shining gems, they were all affected by their radiation. The gems stopped shining shortly afterward as the teens began to feel strange. The woman awoke now and spoke to them all, "The Ultra Gems have chosen all of you to guide your destinies for whether it may be for good or evil as they have blessed you with their power. I am the goddess Lauryn. I have searched the globe for the ones that the gems wish to share their powers to and at the same time, protect them from those who wish to use these gems for their own devilish gain. I ask you all to join with me and I shall teach you to use these powers to fight for safety of all humanity. You each have been given the "fighting power" to do so, whether for good or evil."
And so, a pact was formed as Lauryn took the teenagers under her guidance and gave them names to suit their powers. Voltage, Tommy "Toma" Silver, possesses control and manipulation of electrical energies; also, somehow he has developed some kind of telepathy with his brother and his childhood friend, Jessica. Jesta (Toma's high school girlfriend), Amanda Adams, has the ability to project a powerful laser-like blast from her eyes. Heartbreak, Jessica "Mariah" Summerheart, has the ability to charge objects with her kinetic energy, namely the kunai she carries, and ignite them like piercing bombs; she also can project her kinetic energy as a powerful blast without using her kunai. Sunburn, Alex Silver(Toma's brother), possesses control and manipulation of thermal energies. Intensity, Ashley Peterson, possesses superhuman strength and endurance. Cyberfist, Shawn Connor, absorbs energies and redirects it in the form of powerful blasts; he must wear a suit of armor to regulate these energies as he has no control of it or all the energy he absorbs would go off like an atomic reaction otherwise. Peace, Alicia Diamond, born with goddess genes that weren't dominate until her exposure to the gems gave her flight and the ability to project blasts of powerful cosmic energy. Deminaca, Jillian Adams (Jesta's sister), can transform her kinetic energy into to explosive firecracker-like attacks.
Lauryn seemed to train them for it seemed like years for the teenagers but it was only a single year for them. Lauryn never gave them any details on what they were exactly training for and why it required such mastery of their powers and bonds they formed between each other as a team. Little as they knew that day was coming soon enough as their training was going to be put to the test.